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bittersweet [symphony]

hello =D yeah i know it took me a long long long time [almost a week!] but i finally got this update on ... soo my *featured* new download is teh bittersweet collection [treat it kindly! i worked so hard on it and i really love the colors <3 ] here you go:

 [neues update, endlich, hier das bittersweet set daraus:]


i have made a new section for winterwear . nobody wants to have his sims freeze and therefore i'll out some cosy clothing sets there ;-) [already two sets on! woa!]
[winterklamotten damit eure sims nicht frieren müssen findet ihr ab jetzt hier ]


furthermore recently added/ außerdem neu:

peanuts pjs set for teen guys

new everyday outfits for teen guys

hello kitty pjs for adults 

sportswear for adult females 

ok. that's it. have fun =D

btw. i would love to get some feedback from you know that's what the *messages* section for [über feedback würde ich mehr sehr freuen - im menu unter messages zu finden]

bye bye see you next update-time _ bliss. 

16.11.06 20:41

oh noes.

myeah. i got tagged by AkAkI kOkOrO . and have to tell you 6 weird things about me or habits. ok here we gooo~

1) i like speaking english. even in rl with my german friends. especially with my bestest friend, we made up a new 'language' it's called *kitchen-english*, because it's kind of a mixture of english and german. so if you ever see two ordinary looking girls in germany running around saying weird things in a weird mixture of languages, don't be scared it's probably us and we aren't crazy at all.

2) there is no better way to waste your free-time than reading horrible crappy fantasy novels.

3) i can't sit anywhere without crossing my legs

4) i'm obsessed with shoes... especially converse chucks, but i also have maaaanyy high heels i never wear because they hurt - lalala.

5) i'm also obsessed with books... i think we (me and my parents) own more than 1000 books of all kinds (fiction and nonfiction) ... i never leave the house without having a book with me, in case i get bored while waiting for the bus or such... oh and amongst all this books in our house there isn't even one redaction of the bible but a lot of scientific books...

6) i want to get my lip pierced someday. but i'm afraid sooner or later i won't like it anymore and get an ugly scar coz of removing it...


ok i randomly tag people in icq now [already tagged liona, twilight-girl, lena & vali] because i don't know people who have a blog to post this ..

4.11.06 19:26


just a short note/nur kurz: jewellery is now online/schmuck steht jetzt auch zum download zur verfügung -- click

2.11.06 16:53

a rush of blood to the head.

hello, hello ;-) so.. today, madame bliss has a lot of new sims stuff for you and she hopes you'll be happy about this... *rofl*

well, ok i went crazy skinning last days, even though i have pets now and i thought i would be addicted to it, but i'm even more addicted to skinning, obviously. um yeah pics of some recently uploaded stuff below, as usually, just click them.

oh and yes i know there isn't anything downloadable in the accesories section, that's because i'm having trouble finding the meshes, sorry for that, be patient, drink tea and look at the preview pics, i'll get them on as soon as possible.

so far. have a nice sunday.^^

also mal wieder auf deutsch, heute ziemlich viel neuer kram, klickt auf die bilder in diesem eintrag und schon seit ihr bei den downloads.

falls ihr euch wundert warum unter accesories nur bilder und keine downloads sind, das ist weil ich ein problem damit hab die meshes dazu zu finden, tut mir leid, ich werd mich bemühen das alles so bald wie möglich auch on zu stellen.



29.10.06 13:15

the same procedure as every update. click to go to .. you know...

& new avs here


21.10.06 15:18

[muscle] museum.

hello_buenas dias_guten tag_

i just wanna say... madame got her physics exam back today & got the best mark anyone in her course reached, and it's a 3+, you know a tadge better than average. really not a very good mark, you see. but madame is really happy coz that means it isn't hopeless. =D

anyway. madame promises to update soon. very soon. but now she has to learn some spanish coz examen tomorrow.

oh and excuse madame for the quite randomly chosen title of her blog-entries, they don't mean anything, except she likes using song titels for everything. and this time it referrs to her philosophy exam today, which was about teh wonderful issue 'connection between kant's theory of the beauty and modern museum'. haha.

on top of that madame wants to get the new pets expansion for teh sims but unfortunately can't afford to buy it. anyone who wants to pay it for her?

finally. madame strongly recommends you to read jonathan safran foer's 'Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close' coz it's a wonderful, brilliant novel and she just loves it & everything about it, the way the authoer writes, the characters, the story.. everything. <3

hasta pronto.


random information in german/ein bisschen was auf deutsch:

hm also freut euch auf ein baldiges update mit allem, also sims2 sachen & grafiken ^^ ich hoffe ich schaff es heute, morgen, oder übermorgen oder am sonntag das alles on zu stellen, obwohl ich momentan ja lustigen klausurenstress erlebe *lach*

achja und die worte zum freitag:
er ist großartig!
na ihr.
ach er!


19.10.06 18:00

just to let you know: i've just added a bunch of downloads and a few new sections ^.^ go here ... and because i like pics on the startpage of a site [click to got straight to the download ^.^]

[um well i hope those picture-links above work now it took my like 20 tries to arrange them in an acceptable order -.- oh and yes i knoe there's some blurriness on that stripes outfit, it's only in the preview pic i swear, i'll fix it asap]

lalala. right. have fun with my downloads ^.^ and watch the link section, i'm working on it ... ^.^


12.10.06 23:53

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