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this is the last time i'll forget you -

i wish i could.

hello hello XD i'm still alive even though i haven't posted anything here for exactly one month ... um yeah, you know i was quite busy and stressed out [and actually i still am] with doing stuff for school, learning for exams, being invited to some partys, practising for circus club, being forced to play doppelkopf [card game] with friends all the time ...and with being at
... Muse concert in düsseldorf 13.12. yeah. i saw them. live. woa.
what a great concert. oh my it was just too awesome. brilliant. rawking. incredible. probably the best show i ever saw and i'll ever see.
i'm so in love with and addicted to them again. <3
there's no better [live] band in the whole world for me. ^^

well, i promise i'll upload lots of new stuff before christmas, maybe this night or tomorrow ... i hope. i try.

meanwhile you can go and visit The Countycottage a nice forum with lots of kind members as in their download section you can find adult female undies and a scarves set with christmas related patterns made by me XD .. and sure, you can download a lot of other great stuff there as well. have fun.


16.12.06 16:03

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