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hi there. first of all:

 i hope you had a merry christmas and i wish you a happy new year =D

 ich hoffe ihr hattet ein frohes weihnachtsfest und wünsche euch ein schönes    neues jahr =D


well... this is actually not really an update but i uploaded my first set of hair <click click>   i know it's not very good and i'm still working on it but myeah i uploaded it  ... so if anyone wants to tell me how i could improve it feel free to contact me. i won't bite you. thanks. 

 anyway. i don't think i'll update pretty much in future, as i still have lots of school projects to do and i got milkshape 3d for christmas so i'm quite into meshing now, and still need to learn very much about it. so yeah. cheers.

29.12.06 21:46

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