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where is my mind?

[way out in the water see it swimming]

ok. well. i'm alive. and i want to update. but somehow. i lost my mind i guess XD lol. no actually.
i am so not a reliable webmaster, i'm sorry for this. um yeah. i'm way too lazy. instead of updating this site i keep sitting around and praying for muse to come and play at pinkpop and for me to be there and see this gorgeous band live again the second time in 6 moths. ^^

and now. i have to tell you something important:

i do have pets installed. maybe you have heard about the problems and bugs this ep causes and has. probably all my newer files won't work in your game if you don't have pets. i'm sorry. don't blame me for it, it isn't my fault. i tried to work with that legacy-bodyshop-thingy to make my stuff work for everyone, but for some reason i can not even get it installed, and as you already know i'm lazy and a complete technical stuff idiot as well. so i simply went to install this patch ea finally released.
i have no idea if it really fixes the problems, apparently it does not, as since i've installed it my custom content i made without this patch does not show up in my game anymore.
next update (which will be soon hopefully) i will reuploaded my shine-collection, repackaged with the patch installed. would be nice if someone could tell me if it is working now with any eps.
22.1.07 19:49

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