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Why the hell are you doing this stoopid site?
... um, well, actually this is what i ask myself quite often as well ... the good old www is so full of sims 2 fansites that offer more stuff anyone could ever use in game ... and even though i consider my site to be just one of the very very ordinary sites, offering average [*cough* or better lower] quality downloads i'm still keeping it up... probably because... it's fun =) .. yes. i'm doing this site mainly for my very own pleasure, fun and amusement. mwhahaha. yes this sounds selfish, i know, sorry ^.^ ....

When, why and how did you start creating?
honestly, i can't remember when. someday back in 2005 ... i started by simply recolouring maxis textures in photoshop... then i went on trying to handskin with photoshop patterns ... and finally ended up photoskinning ... recently i'm trying to improve my meshing and handskinning skills as well =D ... oh i still haven't said why started creating... ~because i like teaching myself new things, because i love arts and fell for digital art as well, because i wanted to make clothes for my sims i'd love to wear myself

How do you create clothing?/Can you teach me how to create?
If you want to create clothing and/or other custom content for your game yourself, i recommend you to look through the tutorials on these sites:
.... if there's anything you don't understand or you still want to know about creating, you may ask me for help, but please don't get all mad at me for not answering immediatly ^.^

Do i have to pay for your stuff?

No. and you'll never will. because, meh, i do hate paysites. [and i consider my stuff to be too bad for making anyone pay for it *lol*]
[but hehe. if you like my stuff and want to support me as a poor but talented [<-- *cough cough*] artist or you simply don't know what to do with your money you can always contact me so we can find a way for me getting your money *rofl*.]

How do i download and get the downloads in my game?

Simply click on the *download*-links below the preview-pictures. If you're using Firefox a window should pop up asking you if you want to open the file or save on your PC. Choose the save option, usually things will be downloaded to your desktop then. Then you have to unpack the files. If you don't have Win-Rar installed yet, get it here (for example). If you have Win-Rar, simply select your downloaded files, right click, and choose *extract to nameofthelastfileselected. A folder called like the last file you selected will be created, open it --> whoa. all the unpacked files are in there. now, you gotta copy them into your downloads folder which should be found here: My documents/ EA Games/ The Sims 2/ Downloads .. if you don't have a downloads folder, just create one.

Your stuff is crappy!!! You don't even use bumbmaps!!!
well. if you think my stuff is crappy, what are you still doing here?
and yes it's true that i don't use bumbmaps. but only because i can't =( can't get them enabled for me, my graphic card is just crappy, but i'm working on convincing my father to buy a new one... oh and yes, my crappy grahpic card makes some previews look quite blurry as well ... =( ...

You're only offering photskinned stuff!??
where's the problem?

What are those links below your blog entries saying: *verlinken* and *kommentieren*? What will happen if i click them and why do they show up?
They're showing up because my site is on a german blog host atm (myblog). If you click *verlinken*, you'll get the url of the specific blog entry so you can directly link to it on any site. If you click *kommentieren* you can post a comment on the blog entry, i'd be happy if you do so =D

All the texts on your site are full of grammatical/spelling/whatever mistakes!!!
sorry, english is not my first language. i'm trying my best, yes yes, but you know there're things i just can't know. anyway you can always contact me and tell what mistakes you found so i can correct them ;-)

How can I contact you?
Try the guestbook or send a mail to noir.muse(at)

Could you link to my site?

maybe ^.^ send me the link to it via email and i'll take a look.
Can i contribute to/ become an artist at your site?
send me a email ^^ (noir.muse(at) 

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