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Cus of a recet GB-entry:

This is not a pro-ana site, despite the spelling of the url!!!!
I registered this name because I desperately wanted girl.anachronism (referring to the Dresden Dolls song!), but it wasn't available anymore so I randomly added a -, and this was before I even knew there was crap like pro-ana.

Das hier ist keine pro-ana seite!!! >___< Und ich bins auch nicht.

If you're pro-ana and got here cus of the url, either realize it's wrong and get profesional help now or just fuck off to your secret forums and die.

This blog is about sims and nothing else!! >___<

3.7.08 20:16


So yah I've changed hosts. The new URL is:

Myeah. Be sure to change your bookmarks or links or whatsoever, even though I think the old site (the one you aren currently viewing, haha) will still remain with my old stuff. =)

2.6.07 19:34

go with the flow?

naah no update. just random information spamming again.

 1. feedback and my answers

Thanks for all the feedback in the guestbook =D

  And yah, the male hair section IS indeed empty. Anyway I've only made one male hair set yet, which I planned to upload here, but I had trouble with binning it and I think I lost the red recolour so i don't think it will up soon >__>  

For all the hair on my models I will put up credit-links whenever I have time, as long as they aren't there feel free to ask me about a certain hair... I don't bite. It might only take ages for me to reply.

  The thermal grey shirt outfit? For teen guys?  Well for the sims version, I skinned that, based on a pic by forever21 I guess....

  2. moving on

Recently i think about moving hosts. My site has really become very fickle and slow. Maybe myblog cannot handle all the traffic? *giggle* Any suggestions where to move? Or better to stay here anyway?

 3. current projects

Hm yah coz i do have some... first is living a real life of course *smile*
secondly I still need to upload the alternative simplicity for adults on mod .... and last but not least, I've just started a mix and match project, which if ever finished gonna be huge. Oh yah and not to mention I'm writing on a skinning tutorial for my friend kitty, which will be german only, so yah. I'm busy *giggle*

 4. totally spammy

I got a new graphic card. Woot woot. It was a birthday presents, yah people, friday 27.04 i turned 18, means I'm officially adult now. Beware.

I gonna see Muse again. Yay Pinkpop. Less than 3 weeks. *bouncy*




7.5.07 16:57


again. it took longer than expected. well sorry, but i've been busy, busy, busy... (finally found out that i still do have a real life, and a social one too, duh). anyway. here's the update:

[click to enlarge]

and here are the links

7 everday outfits for the ladies

2 undies for teen girls

3 everday outfits for teen girls

2 everday outfits for adult men

1 everday outfit for teen boys

1 everday outfit for children

3 purses & 3 messenger bags

[duh. it's a lot of new stuff, isn't it?] now. enjoy and praise me, or let it be xD

10.4.07 01:42

falling away....

[without you.]

well. no update again. it's been more than a month now i know i'm sorry. maybe i will update later or tomorrow, i don't know yet. my mood changes within seconds at the moment. actually i thought i would do the update yesterday, but i didn't since i really didn't feel like doing so. actually i don't feel like doing anything now, but somehow i think i need to distract me from my thoughts so i'm spaming my own site again. funny, aye? so myeah. maybe i will get sick and tired of listening to muse's falling away with you (imo one of their bestest songs ever, especially the lyrics and oh so - true.) and go and take pics for the update/ oh yes you can blame a guy for this site not being updated for so long-

btw. you may go and check my mts2profile i've recently uploaded 3 teen outfits over there which aren't available here (and never will be, probably).

&& what the hell happened to my layout? o___O i didn't change anything, but at least for me it looks very odd in firefox now... does it still work for you?

one last thing: i'm going to remove the contact form... it doesn't work properly. if you have used it and haven't got an answer from me by now, mail me again: noir.muse(at)


2.4.07 13:10


yes. this is a use- and senseless blogpost. it is no update, simply me spaming my own site. haha. so well. i have to say: i've been real really busy with my lovely coursework (about sartre and existentialism) last weeks/days, so that i neither had the time to update here nor answer any of your messages. i'll do that as soon as possible... i'm sorry it took so long for some of you... thanks to everyone for commenting here btw =)

12.3.07 19:02

mirror, mirror on the wall...

well. as you might have noticed, i have a new layout. actually it wasn't my plan to make a new one, i was just messing around with ps yesterday, but it turned out quite nice so i decided to make a layout from it, just to improve my html-skills in the first place. but erm, this ended up quite cool as well, so here's my new layout. i'm rather fond of it, but let me know if you love or hate it.

i'll add a history page or something like it soon, so you can see pics of my old layout, let me know if you want to use it for you own site/whatever.

ohh and don't forget to check out my new donation-section!

and and. i almost forgot. is anyone interested in becoming an artist here? guest-artist or full admin like me? i'm sick of having a whole site on my own, it's so narcisstic. contact me [noir.muse(at)] if you are interested.

edit 24.02: just wanted to test that radioblog standalone player thingy. so now. i think i'll add one of them to my blog entries. so you can listen to what i'm listening to ^^ have fun.


20.2.07 00:13

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