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well. as you might have noticed, i have a new layout. actually it wasn't my plan to make a new one, i was just messing around with ps yesterday, but it turned out quite nice so i decided to make a layout from it, just to improve my html-skills in the first place. but erm, this ended up quite cool as well, so here's my new layout. i'm rather fond of it, but let me know if you love or hate it.

i'll add a history page or something like it soon, so you can see pics of my old layout, let me know if you want to use it for you own site/whatever.

ohh and don't forget to check out my new donation-section!

and and. i almost forgot. is anyone interested in becoming an artist here? guest-artist or full admin like me? i'm sick of having a whole site on my own, it's so narcisstic. contact me [noir.muse(at)] if you are interested.

edit 24.02: just wanted to test that radioblog standalone player thingy. so now. i think i'll add one of them to my blog entries. so you can listen to what i'm listening to ^^ have fun.


20.2.07 00:13

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