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falling away....

[without you.]

well. no update again. it's been more than a month now i know i'm sorry. maybe i will update later or tomorrow, i don't know yet. my mood changes within seconds at the moment. actually i thought i would do the update yesterday, but i didn't since i really didn't feel like doing so. actually i don't feel like doing anything now, but somehow i think i need to distract me from my thoughts so i'm spaming my own site again. funny, aye? so myeah. maybe i will get sick and tired of listening to muse's falling away with you (imo one of their bestest songs ever, especially the lyrics and oh so - true.) and go and take pics for the update/ oh yes you can blame a guy for this site not being updated for so long-

btw. you may go and check my mts2profile i've recently uploaded 3 teen outfits over there which aren't available here (and never will be, probably).

&& what the hell happened to my layout? o___O i didn't change anything, but at least for me it looks very odd in firefox now... does it still work for you?

one last thing: i'm going to remove the contact form... it doesn't work properly. if you have used it and haven't got an answer from me by now, mail me again: noir.muse(at)


2.4.07 13:10

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