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naah no update. just random information spamming again.

 1. feedback and my answers

Thanks for all the feedback in the guestbook =D

  And yah, the male hair section IS indeed empty. Anyway I've only made one male hair set yet, which I planned to upload here, but I had trouble with binning it and I think I lost the red recolour so i don't think it will up soon >__>  

For all the hair on my models I will put up credit-links whenever I have time, as long as they aren't there feel free to ask me about a certain hair... I don't bite. It might only take ages for me to reply.

  The thermal grey shirt outfit? For teen guys?  Well for the sims version, I skinned that, based on a pic by forever21 I guess....

  2. moving on

Recently i think about moving hosts. My site has really become very fickle and slow. Maybe myblog cannot handle all the traffic? *giggle* Any suggestions where to move? Or better to stay here anyway?

 3. current projects

Hm yah coz i do have some... first is living a real life of course *smile*
secondly I still need to upload the alternative simplicity for adults on mod .... and last but not least, I've just started a mix and match project, which if ever finished gonna be huge. Oh yah and not to mention I'm writing on a skinning tutorial for my friend kitty, which will be german only, so yah. I'm busy *giggle*

 4. totally spammy

I got a new graphic card. Woot woot. It was a birthday presents, yah people, friday 27.04 i turned 18, means I'm officially adult now. Beware.

I gonna see Muse again. Yay Pinkpop. Less than 3 weeks. *bouncy*




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