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click the links to see previews of my awesome, high quality donation sets!!!

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So. Now that you've clicked them all. How do you feel? What have you expected anyway? Haven't you read my faq?

Why would you want to spend money on Sims2 items anyway? If you don't know what to do with all your money, why do want to throw it in the greedy throats of people who want to earn money with their hobby? Do you seriously think pay/donation stuff is better than free, only because it's not available to everyone? Capitalism spoilt your poor little soul so much?

Maybe I was able to make you think by what i did here. I don't know. Maybe you understand me. Maybe you hate me for being such a upholder of moral standards. But maybe. Next time if you consider donating to any Sims2 site, maybe you'll remember me. Maybe you'll see that there's a better way to spend money than on your hobby, all the Expansion Packs, they do cost enough money already, don't they?

Hiding in the happy, safe, yet only virtual world of Sims2 and the Internet, is tempting, but spineless.

You may get nothing for it, not even grate, but why don't you help to change the real world instead of the world on your screen with your money?

Be generous. Get active.
Donate for a better purpose than feeding greedy Sims2 creators.

There are so many ways how our money can help people to have a better life. I know everything here sounds cheesy, but who would want to deny that it's true? Well, because i wanna be a good girl and not your virtual conscience, I have something for you now:

Click Here

.... to find out how you can spend your money to charity AND get cool sims 2 stuff.


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